My JTAT Sigma SA Nikon Adapter review

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My JTAT Sigma SA Nikon Adapter review

I received the JTAT Sigma SA Nikon Adapter about 3 weeks ago. It was all nicely packed, you even get a CD with instruction videos with it.

Once you figured out how to use the adapter, it's not such a complicated process, but it is definitely not as easy as using the M42 adapter.
The advantages:
1) It's definitely a well made adapter
2) It works
The disadvantages that I can see:

1) Changing lenses is not a quick process. So it's nothing you can just do while you are hiking somewhere in steep terrain. You definitely have to find a place to sit down and rest the camera on. You need both hands to mount the adapter and the lens while the camera has to sit somewhere stable facing up.

2) The lens is not locked in the adapter. It sits tight in it. That's not a problem as long as the lens is compact and the aperture ring runs smoothly. With my 180 2.8 ED lens I am a bit in a worry that if I wiggle the lens just a little bit it will come off. I tried to wiggle this lens at home and it actually came off, but it hasn't happened so far in the field. So special care has to be taken in this case. There is no problem at all with my 24mm 2.8 AIS lens as it is way smaller. I wish this adapter locked the lens properly, but I guess there was not enough space to fit this mechanism into the adapter.

Below some pics (nothing fancy, just for you to see that it's working):

I am quite happy with the 24mm lens so far. I got the 180mm one mainly because I found the Sigma 180mm just too big for my everyday use (and I don't really need the macro). The 180mm is a very nice lens as well, but I do find that it has more CA wide open than in example the Carl Zeiss Jena 180mm 2.8 Sonnar.

I'd like to hear other people's opinion on the adapter as well ...

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