What is" I.Resolution" on Panasonic cameras?

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Re: What is" I.Resolution" on Panasonic cameras?

Baba Ganoush wrote:

From the description you linked to, it sounds as though it does the same thing as the Masking slider in Lightroom, in which case LR users can leave the camera setting to OFF.

A USM "Threshold" (called "Masking" when implemented in all Adobe applications that I know of) is simply an offset value which biases the decision of whether of not to engage in "sharpening" (in general, the "edge-enhancement") in some particular pixe location. That decision likely has to do with the levels of (somehow assessed) inter-pxel "contrast" that exist (which identifies where the prominent "edges" to be "enhanced" exist). Doing this is good thing to guard against the "sharpening" of areas containing significant amount of noise (as that makes for a really ugly mess).

However, "i-Resolution" is even worse. There is some kind of "threshold" (or perhaps a more gardual transition region) based upon the measured inter-pixel "contrast" - but when under that (rough) threshold area, the opposite of "sharpening" occurs (which could only be called "blurring"). As a measurement of "contrast" is also normally scaled by the (tone-level) magnitude of the image-data itself, this "blurring" tends to occur more in areas of the image-frame having low tone-levels (darker areas). The worst victim seeems (to my eyes) to be foliage-detail at a distance that exists in "less well-lighted" areas of the image-frame. Some examples of this desecration (LX5) were posted a while back on the Panasonic Talk Forum (PTF), and they are not at all "pretty" .

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