R3000, InkJetCarts refill tutorial; Give me a break!!!

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Re: R3000, InkJetCarts refill tutorial; Give me a break!!!

Ross Hardy owner of Inkjetcarts if a genius when it comes to printers and everything about them. However video production is not his gig. I agree with your comments.

WHen it comes to initially filling of the carts, you need to really utilize the vacuum method. Later on you simply add ink through the ink port with a syringe and needle.

DO NOT let the prime chamber to empty out. Let me explain. Often the chip will indicate that there is ink left in the cart and will ready empty well after the priming chamber has been renedered empty. SO, top off ALL your carts when any one is about 20%, reset them all and replace them.

No to do the initial fill. Use a 50cc or larger syringe with about 35 cc of ink loaded with no sir in the syringe. Without a needled installed, insert the tip of the syringe into the fill hole by twisting it into the cart. You must have a total seal. Make sure the vent plug is also securely in place. With the syringe in a vertical orientation, pull back on the plunger almost to the top and slowly let go. The vacuum created with allow ink to replace it in the cart. Repeat until no more ink with go into the cart. The prime chamber should be about 75% full with just a bit of air in it. There is NO NEED to blow into the cart. Unless you love the taste of ink.

Resetting is just as the video says. Short out the two round ternimals.

Keep in mind that the build in battery will eventualy die and that will be the end of that cart.

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