645d vs d800

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Don't make me laugh

Your obscureness makes me giggle with rage at your immature ability to judge for yourself.

Let me point you in some truths about facts.

Since long before you or I were born, painters scoffed and mocked people like you, because people bought painting dependent on fine details that they would have to stare at with a magnifying glass, like the thing that you are doing.

How big do you think you can print these images, are they going to be 6x4 images from a party? You have to look at the whole picture, from a certain distance. Then resolution matters less. then it becomes more about the real image

Nikon, is a total waste of time if you want good color. At least since they have never produced a good CMOS based camera (except D2x) (CCD was good for color, even for Nikon)

If we take away color from resolution maybee you would have a point, But the fact of the truth is that they are not separate from each other. 645D images are more pleasing from the little we have seen of the D800 and thats worth a lot when you buy an expensive camera.

My main point is that you want to put an absolute over a subjective artform by simply quoting figures. It has never work that way, just like for paintings.

Now go away, buy a D800 and come back with the results. So we can all pretend we care.

Aku Ankka wrote:

I agree fully that opinions and facts differ. With utmost respect - measurements are the way of getting facts , not looking at subbjectively processed images with no double blindness.

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