The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

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Re: The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

One more thing you belligerent little fungus infection. You're the one who was previously following me around from thread, to thread remember? So why not go back to your pastime of blowing things out of the water, and then blowing them back in, to amuse your little oxygen starved brain

TFergus wrote:
Grow up.
Stop Stalking.
Then reread, because I already said most of this earlier.

fotolopithecus wrote:
Backpeddling a tad are we Fergie?

TFergus wrote:

SteveCooper wrote:

More importantly, IF someone were to "judge" her, shouldn't that judgement be based on who she is, NOT what she looks like?

It's hard to know "who she is" in a photo of ton of tattooed cleavage and pins thru her face and a ring in her nose.

I assume she's a very nice woman.... I would never say otherwise.

But when the OP makes a thread called "the girl with all the tattoos"...

people are going to comment on what the OP put in front of their faces.

"Trollup" and stuff like that, are just stupid comments. Because that you DON'T know. But commenting on what we DO know... is what forums are all about.

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