Nikon D7000 overexposure is very real.

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Re: Nikon D7000 overexposure is very real.

sudhirraom wrote:

My advice to anyone who is looking to buy new DSLR then please STAY WAY from D7000. If you already bought it and still under return period then just RETURN it right away and get D5100.

My advice to anyone getting an SLR, Learn how to meter in your mind and take a picture with an SLR, not a point and shoot. learn about exposure compensation, grow with whatever system you choose, and don't whine if you wanted a point and shoot.

Seriously, If chip performance is all people care about then we should all go for the D3200 24MP. right.

If you bought a D7000 like a lot of sheep, thinking it was your ticket to easy picture taking, learn how to use a tool before complaining the angle grinder gets more dangerous without the safety shield (I do not recommend taking the shield off, it will take your face off )

For the OP, you are not alone, you bought a camera that was not for you. I have a cousin who bought a D700, a 24-70mm and a SB900 all so he can use the flash directly, and take picture of his family posing..... excessive

I hope you reconsider the D7000 as its a good camera to grow with, and better than the D5200 IMO.

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