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Re: Image Organizing Advice for Lightroom

I imagine that if you query 50 people you will get 50 variations on cataloging.

I import into a folder titled Import> Year> Date (mo/day/year) My import parameters are set to make the date folder under import each time I import new photos. This means I just hit import and the photos go to the proper date folder.

I keyword all the photos during import (fairly comprehensive)

I work on the photos from each date of import as I have time. I then move all PSD, DNG, JPG to folders titled (You guessed it!) CR2, PSD, DNG, JPG (I update the keywording to reflect the file type as I move them)

Once the Import > date subfolder is empty - I remove it.

I locate my photos primarily through the keywording although I often open one of the CR2, PSD, etc folders to view or locate files there too.

I also do metadata searches on camera and lens which gives me information on the type pictures I mainly take with a particular camera and also provides info on the lens focal length I use most often for particular subjects. This is handy when I am off on the spur of the moment, to select the camera and lens I most often for the subject I am going out after.

I do not delete the 'outake' photos I merely keyword them as REJECT so they can all be easily located. I have found that what might have been a reject today will perhaps not be tomorrow, or at least some portion of the REJECT photo can be used to composite with another photo.

Thats the Readers Digest version of my cataloging workflow. I hope it provides you with some ideas on how to modify or adopt what you need to aid in your own cataloging.

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