What's so special about the 5D MK III

Started Apr 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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If we look carefully...... 5D3 sensor is just using the same 20D sensor

Yes if we look carefully at the figures on DXO and do some simple calculation. 20D's 8.5MP on the APS-C is the same density as the 5D3. and their DR difference about 10% which is coming from 12bit per pixel on 20D to 14 bit per pixel on 5D3........ so the sensor technology is from 2004. hahahaha. The most alarming figure for Canon is their lack of improvement on DR on their latest sensor.... still stuck at 12. So there's no guarantee that there new sensor will be revolutionary because Canon might very well be just using their older APS-C technology on a FF sensor.

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