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Re: does light in room matter?

I'm desperate and I need help with my monitor

I have Dell 30" U3011 IPS Wide Gamut and as 2nd Samsung 17" its only for moves, music.
I try to calibrate Dell with Spyder3 pro and I fail.

Colors are to warm and look unreal, as well when I do prints.. whites are grey

Dell is IPS Wide Gamut that is my problem, what I find on internet is difference between a Colorimeter and a Spectrometer (to measure Wide Gamut displays) http://www.argyllcms.com/doc/WideGamutColmters.html

The resolution what I find is not working for me. I thing I don't understand enough to apply all of this.. only what I get is "calibration has not been finished"

Should I buy Spyder4 or X-Rite ColorMunki Photo LCD Monitor Screen & Printer Calibrator or I just did something wrong with one of steps ?
Please advise.

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