Canon 270 EX II as bounce? T3i- good for master flash?

Started Apr 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 270 EX II as bounce? T3i- good for master flash?

Wayne Larmon wrote:

The wireless controller in my 60D works great. Before I got the 60D, I used to have to use the 550EX as controller, which is sub-optimal, because usually the flash on the camera is your fill light and the off camera is the key light. The 60D wireless (with no clunky flash on top of the camera) is much better.

I'd recommend the T3i and 430EX. More power is better because good light is diffused light (usually) and diffusing (bouncing, umbrella, etc) sucks up light. So the bigger the flashes the better. And off camera is good, so having wireless built into the camera is good.

Thanks Wayne, appreciate the response. I think the T3i wireless flash function is similar to the 60D based on my reading, so looks like it would be useful.

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