Sony didn't sell its 24MP APS-C sensor (yet)

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Re: I just did a similar comparison...

If the image IQ is better from a entry level camera, no matter what other possibility's the A77 (Flagship) has, then there's a problem for Sony !! don't you think.

dannybgoode wrote:

phiri wrote:

Seriously you guys must be something else. This is Nikon entry camera and can stand up well with Sony's flagship. If we are happy comparing the two then it means that Nikon is in its own league when its entry level camera can be comfortably compared to another company's flagship

Lets be honest. IQ on all APS-C cameras is getting pretty close. Some perform a little better here, some there but by and large the differential is not great.

Features however, now this where the real differences are. So, in the red corner - the Nikon D3200. 19 point focus system with 11 cross points? No. Auto bracketing? No. 100% viewfinder (EVF, OVF who cares?)? No. Weather sealing? Thought not. Magnesium body? Two dial control and multi point joystick (makes handling significantly better)? Ah, no. Full time phase detect autofocus in movie mode? Out of luck there. Articulated screen, 1/8000 shutter speed, sweep panorama, in camera HDR and DRO? Sorry kid.

I'm not a Sony fanboy, you could make the same comparison against Nikon's own range and the Canon 60D and 7D. Does the sensor and performance make the D3200 better than the D7000?

Its not just ISO performance at 3200+ that makes a camera a flagship camera or not, get real.

I've come from a Canon 50D, would I contemplate a D3200. Absolutely not, nor would I go for a Canon 600D, Sony A37 or 57, Pentax Kr etc


Danny B

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