The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

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Re: The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

So you think it was a typo now?

It wasn't... it was a real word, typed correctly.
A word you obviously don't know... and shouldn't use.

Funny way to back down though.

You want to go on the attack with people... learn the words you want to use before you use them... and then read what they're saying to you.


fotolopithecus wrote:

I don't place such a premium on the meaning of typos Fergie, but if my arguments held as little water as yours I might consider it as a diversionary tactic. I mean, you didn't know what I was saying right?

TFergus wrote:

fotolopithecus wrote:

In the first place, who was it that asked for your opinion on the girls appearance?

No one. It became the topic and I added my opinion. Deal with it.

In the second who is it that set you up as the obiter of what people find attractive.

Seriously? Lol !
You shouldn't use words you don't understand.
Look up "obiter" then feel stupid, then find the word you meant to use.

That said, I can't help but wonder why you keep stalking me and trying your hardest to insult me in every thread you find me in.

Are you sure it's her you're attracted to ?!

Still afraid to answer, eh....

I'm asking you again...please stop stalking me.

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So Dick Clark dies in the same year we aren't suppose to have a new years....

Well played Mayans... well played...

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