Panasonic Lumix 3D-1 review part III Youtube video

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Re: Panasonic Lumix 3D-1 review part III Youtube video

Keith wrote:

electrosim2001 wrote:

Short video of new Panasonic 3D camera/camcorder. Test shots.....Stills and video,
videoed using European model videoing at 25fps, editied in Magix 18 (3D)

Very impressive, looks as good as the 3D trailers I've viewed on my 47" Passive 3D LG! Does Magix 18 have a special YouTube output mode or did you choose some specific settings to make it work that well?

Hi, thanks for the comment,

I used the mp4 option ( 1/2 frame sbs ) Magix has various options, but the best has been when I burn to AVCHD for playback on my Panasonic Bluray player.

I think it's an excellent camera/camcorder with one priviso,,,,,,, It's LED flash causes white blotches on either the left frame or the right frame or brightly lit orbs from dust particles in the air. It is placed ( like the Fujifiilm W3 ) in the middle, just above the two lenses. Fortunately you can switch the flash off and it performs quite well in low light.

I'm surprised that others haven't commented on this aspect. I don't know though whether on a camera this small it would matter where the flash was placed, it would still be too near the lenses not to cause problems.
Other than that, it is superb, especially considering the price.

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