Nikon D700 or Nex-7

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Re: Nikon D700 or Nex-7

There is no doubt that the D700 is a fantastic camera and that it will serve you well. As for me, my priorities have changed over the years and that has lead me to ditch the SLRs in preference for the NEX-7.

Size really does matter. Weight as well. Schlepping a big SLR is a commitment for the day. It is the difference between carrying a pouch vs a diaper bag.

Since I use more telephoto than wide angle, I prefer a crop-sensor. The widest I really ever need to go is served by the 16mm Sony lens.

High ISO performance is not really a big issue for me as I rarely exceed 1600. I don't do sports photography any more, so superior focus tracking isn't important to me.

What I really want is a small camera that takes great images, that can effortlessly be with me when I need it. The NEX system fills that requirement for me very well. The lack of a wide selection of native lenses doesn't bother me as what they provide meets my requirements very well. And should the 'perfection bug' ever bite me, I can use Leica M lenses with an adapter.

If ultimate image quality were the most important thing to me, I would mortgage the house and go medium format. If sports were my bag, I'd go with the D4. You may want to do some serious introspection and evaluate what you really shoot, how often you need special capabilities, and whether you are willing to commit to carrying heavy camera bags.

Good luck!

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