Pentax - how to build up digi - analog versatile system

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Pentax - how to build up digi - analog versatile system


I am artist - coming from performing world and I have photography as a big hobby.

My main interest is art photos, potraits, some ocassions architecture or landscapes. Lot of times - most of times I shoot with limited light (I love little light, shades, colored darkness) and handheld.

My interest is to build up step by step system, (digi and analog camera + set of lenses) which would allow me to make pictures in all categories mentioned above, improve myself, grow with me.

I am tight on budget, so making decision right is important for me. I was little worried, because market is agresivelly pro Nikon and Canon and I heard some complains about quality of Pentax (even in local store). Please do not take me wrong - looking for opinion and advice.

I am interested to buy K 5 and MX. I would like to exchange lenses between them if possible. I am looking for full manual control and manual focus. (In case of K5 Manual or Aperture mode shooting)
I am interested to use old lenses from MX - or simillar on K 5.

I was thinking to get shorter zoom cca 18 - 55 and longer zoom 50 - 200. (mainly for K 5)
Prime for portrait - 70 mm.
Prime for telephoto - ? mm.
Wide angle cca 24 mm.
Fish eye or macro lens.
I would like to have them with small apperture number.

I am looking for smart and small system, which I can carry and effort. I am looking for really sharp lenses.

Please does this goal make a sense, eventually is Pentax right system to enter? Is MX and K 5 good idea and what lenses you would recommend.
Thank you very much for help and advice in advance.


PS: I am aware that good photo is about eye, composition - also talent and understanding tech you own. I am rather at the beginning.

I have Samsung EX 1 - which I bought because of lens and I love it, made some nice pics, but it limits me with focal lenght and low light abilites. However even this camera is better than most cameras of old masters - so I will take my time and keep working on my Samsung.

I had used Canon 600D - felt not really good with, Nikon D300 felt much better, but not as my camera. Best feeling was Pentax K 5 with kit lens and also Nikon D 7000-I think just because of great lens it had that time on.

Canon EOS 600D (EOS Rebel T3i / EOS Kiss X5) Nikon D300 Pentax K-5
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