M43 lens talk- zoom and pancake

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The pancakes...

This is the info I've picked up from this forum about the 14mm, 17mm and 20mm, summarised


  • smallest in size and weight

  • middle in max aperture

  • middle in AF speed

  • middle in sharpness

  • significantly wider FL than the other 2


  • middle in size and weight

  • smallest in max aperture (not by much though)

  • fastest in AF speed

  • least sharp

  • middle in FL (again not by much)


  • largest in size and weight (still small though)

  • largest in max aperture

  • slowest in AF speed

  • most sharp

  • FL more like 18.5mm rather than 20mm according to tests

What we really need is a hybrid of the 17mm and 20mm (the formers size, FL and AF speed, the latters aperture and sharpness).

There is always the Sigma 19mm. Focal length and sharpness of the 20mm, max aperture of the 17mm, fastest AF of all, but sadly much larger than the other 3. It should look quite balanced on an EM-5, but you won't get that coat pocket compactness you'll get with the other 3.

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