1:1 not enough for Nikon 105 AFD, any ideas ?

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Re: 1:1 not enough for Nikon 105 AFD, any ideas ?

there's not much point in reversing it, wont do enough to be worth the hassle, youre better reversing short primes.

i've seen some reasonable pictures with modern kenko TCs...if you dont have one i wouldnt recommend buying it for only macro...theyre quite expensive.

you'd be better investing in tubes, you'll need 105mm of extension to get 2:1.
if you want to really increase magnification then either:
stick a short prime (150mm)

or buy a cheap short macro prime and reverse it. Dont know about nikon but sony has a £100 30 2.8. It's light, cheap and plastic but it has excellent quality optics and reversed on a bit of cheap extension can give 5:1 with very good quality. I'd assume nikon, canon, pentax and sigma would all have a cheap, short macro prime in their lineup, so that would be an idea and (in the uk) the whole setup (lens, m42 ETs, coupling ring) is less than the price of some new kenko ETs (about £150 in the chain shops).

GS2000 wrote:

Hi guys,

Just bought this used lens, looks like a fine copy - but 1:1 is just not enough....

I do have the 6T filter but it won't fit (I think the 4T will, but it's way too expensive...)

Any ideas should I use extension tubes, reverse lens, Kenko 1.4X, which one should give me best magnification yet still would deliver top quality output ?....


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