The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

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I agree with TFergus....

Well...on a few points...(see comments below)

TFergus wrote:

SteveCooper wrote:

More importantly, IF someone were to "judge" her, shouldn't that judgment be based on who she is, NOT what she looks like?

It's hard to know "who she is" in a photo of ton of tattooed cleavage and pins thru her face and a ring in her nose.

Well as a human being with a brain capable of clear and intelligent thought, I can see the tattoos and rings etc as part of her....not a roadblock. Usually Tattoos are not my cup of tea either, and personally I would never get one. But I have many friends who do sport tattoos, from Navy buddies to women just like the one posted here. All can push the boundaries of what is normal. Some people have a knee jerk reaction to such things. I wait till I get to know someone better, the book cover is never enough for me.

I assume she's a very nice woman.... I would never say otherwise.

Eh....lets be honest here, I have seen both sides of your conversation in this thread...some more derogatory, some not.

But when the OP makes a thread called "the girl with all the tattoos"...

people are going to comment on what the OP put in front of their faces.

I TOTALLY Agree with that statement. But there is one piece you forgot to add. What they they comment....that reflects more on them than it does the controversial model.

"Trollup" and stuff like that, are just stupid comments. Because that you DON'T know. But commenting on what we DO know... is what forums are all about.

Ok...amaze me...what DO you know about this girl?


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