The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

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Re: The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

I don't care what you would settle for.

She's fat, has steel through her cheeks and random nonsense permanently inked into her skin.

You can call me a pinhead for my opinion, but it's wasted typing on your part.
Your words and existence don't affect me.

That said, I can't help but wonder why you keep stalking me and trying your hardest to insult me in every thread you find me in.

Are you sure it's her you're attracted to ?!

fotolopithecus wrote:
She still is a pretty girl pinhead.

TFergus wrote:

Image: Looks nice. Turn down the overdone reds, and work on the shadows on her body. You can definitely light & shoot.

Model: Best thing you could do for her is clone out the tats, piercings, ear gauges, and belly bulges.

You can tell she used to be a pretty girl.

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So Dick Clark dies in the same year we aren't suppose to have a new years....

Well played Mayans... well played...

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