Getting the best out of D800?

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Re: Getting the best out of D800?

ianbrown wrote:

Only had the D800 a couple of days and don't have any lenses at the moment.

I should receive the 50mm f1.8 today just to get me started.

My dilemma is I obviously want the best possible IQ but like all of us I want it in as light a package as possible. I mainly do landscape and general photography like city breaks etc.

I am torn between the 24-120 and the beat, the 24-70 f2.8 I have seen very mixed reviews about the 24-120, but can it produce "tact sharp" images. No point in having the 36mp if I can't see them!

The 24-120 is going for an inflated price in the uk making the 24-70 only £300 more.

Then I suppose there is the 16-35 f4 but obviously that doesnt give me the range.

How heavy is the 24-70 after carting it around for a few hours?

Any additional comments appreciated, especially on these and any other lens recommendation.



You won't get the best out of your D800 with those lenses. I used the 24-70mm on the D800 for 2 weeks shooting a variety of subjects and in my opinion it is a great zoom lens but is very weak outside of the center of the image, at all apertures. I highly recommend a good set of primes. The new 85mm 1.8g is the sharpest lens I have ever used and very reasonably priced. Also it is relatively small and light weight compared to the 24-70mm. 50mm 1.8g is better than the 24-70mm at 50mm but not as impressive as the 85mm in my opinion. the 35mm 1.4g is a wow lens like the 85mm, but a bit pricey. I am very interested to see the new 28mm 1.8g, hopefully it will be as good as the rest of the line up. I know this doesn't help you on the wide side but there is really only one answer in the sub 24mm range and that is the 14-24mm. Some people are getting good results out of the slightly lower priced wide angle zooms from Nikon but the 14-24mm is the ultimate in quality in that range IMHO.

You will lose the convince of the zooms for the midrange stuff if you follow my advice, but you gain so much in exchange.

What ever you decide have fun with d800 it is a great camera!

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