Thinking of the E-M5 (from Pentax DSLR)

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Thinking of the E-M5 (from Pentax DSLR)

I currently use a Pentax K-7 system with the following lenses:
DA10-17 Fisheye: can easily live without. Hardly sees any use.
Tamron SP17-50: main workhorse and f/2.8 throughout.
Tamron SP70-200: love this thing, f/2.8 throughout but huge and heavy!

FA50 f/1.4: Decent lens, doesn't see much use but worth keeping for the aperture and I do like the bokeh.

Sigma EX10-20: wide-angle lens, used sparingly but 3rd most used lens after the f/2.8 zooms.

I can sell all of these for over $2K total which can easily net me the
Oly E-M5
12-50mm sealed kit lens
40-150 zoom lens
45 f/1.8 prime lens

Given that the 12-50 has a wide-angle equivalent of 24mm and can do macro at 0.74x it seems like a great all around lens. Yes I will obviously give up the constant f/2.8 but the way all these new cameras do high ISO (which I don't use much anyways) I'm not too concerned. I like the f/2.8 more for the shallow depth of field. I'm not worried about noise, etc. I don't pixel peep much. The depth of field loss I can partly mitigate with the 45mm f/1.8. I would miss the 70-200's constant f/2.8 more than I do the 17-50's. That's the main thing holding me back.

My main gripe with the Pentax DSLR system has been and still is the AF which is just never spot-on in spite of the K-7 having AF adjustment for each lens. Incandescent light still throws the AF off (as does a cloudy day vs sunlight) and some of my zoom lenses exhibit varying focus behaviour at different focal lengths (ie. the 70-200 back focuses at 135mm, is spot on at 70mm and seems to slightly front focus at 200mm. Go figure. This really really bugs me. Also the whole camera bag weighs too much and changing lenses is really cumbersome with the 70-200 f/2.8 obviously.

So my question is how is the AF on these things compared to a DSLR like the K-7? Since the E-M5 doesn't use phase detection AF I assume it is always spot-on like a P&S?

In my latest trip to Jamaica I used my Oly XZ-1 exclusively and the DSLR kit sat in the hotel safe mostly because its become cumbersome with all the lenses and the weight. Here's the link to the Jamaica photos I took with the XZ-1 .. The Oly system, while losing flexibility compared to my Pentax systems seems like it will be a much more lightweight system. Also the E-M5 seems pretty state of the art too so there's some gain compared to the K-7 there it seems. I would consider an UWA lens eventually as-well but that's not a priority.

Does the potential switch sound rational? Also, how is the 14-150 as a single lens solution vs the 12-50 + 40-150 combo?

Would be curious to get some opinions?

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