Ugly clipping in the sky - what to do? (DP1x)

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Re: Ugly clipping in the sky - what to do? (DP1x)

It's alright to use ISO 50 in such case, shooting directly at the sun but use spot metering mode so that the camera doesn't expose for the foreground. After that, you'll get good highlights but very dark foreground.

With SPP, use fill light to your liking but not to the point of good foreground exposure as the noise will obvious even at reduced sizes.

Felix E Klee wrote:

In the first attached picture, note the visible and ugly clipping in the sky. The X3F is available for at least a week from:

I wonder: Is there any way to save such a picture? Or would you discard it?

With SPP's X3 Fill Light at -0.5 and Exposure at +0.5 (plus some saturation) I get a smooth transition in the sky: second attached picture. It looks OK on my laptop's screen. But how would it look when printed? Weird? I want a naturally looking picture, not something that looks cooked.

Also: How to take such a picture in the first place? Exposing for the sun would make the subject in the foreground very dark.

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