look at these horrible nikkor 17-55mm photos?

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Re: striking similarities

these are not my photos
you are not smart

Mako2011 wrote:

SmittenHobbyist wrote:

this is not true
and no proof is offered

Some striking similarities between the pics in your OP here, and the ones here posted by Eugene Bradford Caldwell

and BennyLava917

It doesn't take away from some of the good compositions though. Good Luck going forward.

scrane wrote:

Paul Brown UK wrote:

He's posting them because they are HIS pictures.

He's posted here before seeking advice/critique but when people criticised the images for being over-exposed with blown highlights, he got nasty, defensive and aggressive.

Some of the pictures in the link are the same as the ones he's posted before (the water based ones).

So sad.

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