New D600 FX This Summer

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Re: 8 fps fx, 10 fps dx?

David314 wrote:

MarceloLI wrote:

According with Nikon Rumors the new D600 FX will be released this summer.

well, we heard the rumor earlier from a poster on here, D400 would be replaced by FX camera

which we said, no way, including myself

ok, imagine 24mpix fx, 6fps, 8fps with grip

no imagine 10 fps or more in DX mode and it would be a little over 10 mpix in DX mode which is about the sweet spot for 2K (like C300) or even 4K video

put the D4/D800 autofocus system in and yes, I could see that being entry level FX and D400 replacement

No, what you described will be a D700 replacement, unless you substitute a lower grade OVF, take away the alloy build, weather sealing, and replace the QUAL/WB/ISO buttons with Scene mode selections

THEN, they can sell it for around $1600.

IF and this seems pretty big, it will cost close to $2k

So i could imagine, 24 mpix FF sensor coming from Sony and being quite a bit cheaper than the 36 mpix

i could imagine no af motor, AFS or manual focus only.

and I could imagine the D600 camera made in Thailand

is that $800 to $1000 less than the D800 without stripping out other features?

Not if you have a marketing department that makes sense. If it is sold at the same price as the D700, there'll be some upgrades. If it is sold for cheaper than the D700, expect downgrades in more than one area especially since people will get higher MP.

A high end FX body (D4), 2 mid-end bodies (D800E/D800) and a low-end body (D600) makes complete sense, people will need to stop expecting high end features in a cheap body, that's all - the sensor should be the only thing they can expect to be high end, if anything else exceeds what you absolutely need, consider yourself lucky.

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