5D MK3 with Eye-Fi card

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Re: 5D MK3 with Eye-Fi card

Hi Dave,

Great to hear that you are having mopre joy with the eye-fi in the MKIII. I have both the Eye-Fi App and Shuttersnitch on my iPad. I prefer Shuttersnitch by far, and it keeps improving. To be honest I feel it is marginally faster and less buggy that the Eye-Fi App, but maybe that's just me?

It would definately benifit you shooting through your LAN whilst in the studio. It is faster and does not drop in and out as much, even on my MKII. I had planned to wait around 6 months anyway before looking to upgrade to the MKIII. One (the main reason) is so that hopefully the price will reduce down to 'normal' levels, and the other so any issues can be resolved prior to me joining the throng. In hindsight the later has proved to be the best reasoning. I was expecting purely firmware issues to be resolved, not basically a hardware recall for light leaks!

I will keep reading how you get on when tested on your LAN, possibly if you try Shuttersnitch as well. Many thanks to you Dave and everyone else for the update on your experiences so far.

John Cooper

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