Help me conving my dad to go NEX-7 instead of a non interchangeable camera

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Re: Canon G1X - let him get what he wants

Everdog wrote:

Why make the guy suffer with a bag of those large NEX lenses?
How much do they cost these days? The 25mm is $1100 right?

Let him get what he wants and rather than paying $2500+ for one camera and a couple lenses.

Show him this and ask which he likes better.,257,ha,t

While I agree that there's nothing wrong with getting the fixed lens camera, and it'll likely be a much more compact option, don't forget that the new Sigma 19mm and 30mm are compact, inexpensive, and very good. Besides, once you bring a bag for more than one lens, the lens size becomes a little less important, and the Sony lenses still aren't large compared to SLR lenses.

I can fit the NEX-7, Sony 24, Sigma 30 and Sony 50 into a Billingham Stowaway Compact, which is among the smallest bags they make. Here is a pic of the bag from another site, with an X100 in the pic for size reference.

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