Britains worst wedding photos?

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Re: Britains worst wedding photos?

Not to defend the photographers here, but I would say that both the couple and the newspaper have probably picked the worst pictures to show. Obviously the photographers have not weeded out the dross - but is it partly explained in the last paragraph where McCloskey claims that one of their cameras failed, and rather than give the couple half the number of pictures they decided to give them the lot. It looks to me as if most of the pictures shown were taken by the second shooter (probably less skilled), and that it was the primary shooter's camera that failed (for whatever reason not noticed until after the event - or more likely lost the files). Because they had promised a certain number of shots it was decided to give over even the poor shots.

There are so many stupid comments by the articles writers that it makes you wonder if they have been to a wedding at all. For instance in the second shot they claim there is a stack of cardboard boxes in the foreground, when it is either their wedding gifts or a wedding 'Post Box'.

Like I say, I'm not defending the photographers because I too am sick of unprofessional 'professionals' in this business - but I do believe the story is very one-sided. The market is filled with people like this who shoot a few weddings and cannot cope when something does not go to plan.


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