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You can still get 2 stops reliably from just about any DSLR and yes having another 2 can help but we're talking limited circumstances unless you walk around looking for things to shoot that will exploit this which I don't but YMMV.

one would think for a guy that had high end cameras and is plan to buy another high end camera would be a raw shooter.

Tell that to the thousands of PJ's and sports shooters who buy D3's and 1D4's and will now buy D4's and 1DX's. Many professionals and serious non pro's shoot JPEG's exclusively because they don't have the time or inclination to process and store that many RAW files or they have tight deadlines.

thats what Ken would habe you believe and he is the only one I know does it. even though he does shoot raw anyway and he isnt a PJ.

Ken who?

Research most PJ's shooting for major pubs and you'll find that JPEG's are quite common. Do you really think all those people on the sidelines at major sporting events are shooting RAW? Hate to break this to you but JPEG is pretty much the standard even for those shooting for agencies.

but the point is moot because OP is not a PJ is he? he is a hobbyist, just like all the hobbyists here in this forum. I know of no hobbyist who is really into photography does not shoot raw. zero.

That's because hobbyists have different needs and aren't working against deadlines and aren't usually firing off thousands of images in a few hours at an event with runners taking their cards back to trucks to be uploaded for publication. They strive to get the best possible image in camera as a JPEG.

You have to think beyond your own World and needs.

There's a very accomplished wildlife shooter on these forums by the name of Greg Lavarty with incredible work that are all shot as in-camera JPEG's. He never shoots RAW to the best of my knowledge.

where did you read he doesnt shoot raw? and even he doesnt, how many is that out of the hundreds good birding shooters over the world?

He's stated it many times.

As mentioned by Ghozer is the file size issue. I have a fairly recent well configured Dell PC and am not always happy with the transfer and processing times of my RAW 7D files much less a 22 or worse a 36 MP RAW file.

This is down right FUD. D800's raw offers several different compression, 12 vs 14 bit, lossy vs lossless. in comparison canon does not offer any compression other than less resolution.

How is it FUD? You just dissed me for saying someone would shoot JPEG's with a D800 but now you're suggesting 12 bit lossy files? Make up your mind as you're speaking out of both sides of your mouth and you can't have it both ways.

actually you can, that is exactly what D800 allows you to do, for serious work at low iso shoot 14bit lossless, for less serious work or high iso shoot 12 bit lossy.

or are you suggesting 12 bit lossy is comparable to jpeg!!?

No but I don't shoot sRAW either and wouldn't shoot 12 bit lossy.

canon's approach results in more wastage because as iso increases, real detail and colour reduces, yet canon's file size increase. with nikon, if you know you are shooting at high iso for a particular shoot just use lossy 12 bit compression, file size becomes smaller and you dont really lose anything useful.

Talk about FUD. I'm going to buy a $3K 36 MP DSLR with the best low ISO DR available and invest thousands more glass to best utilize it but I'm going to shoot 12 bit lossy RAW files.

that would be idiotic wouldnt it? just like if you would be if -

" you were going to buy a $3.5K 22 MP DSLR and invest thousands more glass to best utilize it but you are going to shoot SRAWs."

I'd rather have a camera with resolution that matches my needs and doesn't require that I shoot sRAW or 12 bit lossy to reduce the file size. 20 - 25 MP is perfect for what I do and I don't need or want more. Look at all the incredible images captured with 5D's, D3's and D700's at 12 MP. Big enough for double truck too.

You have no idea how stupid that sounds.

oh I do!

At least we agree on something ;).


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