The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

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Re: To the OP...

dread_tai wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

Thank you for posting. It's pretty neato to see all of the judgmental (and likely hypocritical) morons coming out of the woodwork.

I like your shots, and you've gotten some good, constructive advice from SOME people on here. Nice work, and keep shooting! Ignore the retarded naysayers.

could not agree more. it's amusing to read some posts ridiculing not only the model, but the op's "defense" reminding people this IS a photography forum, first and foremost. though each member is free to post whatever response he/she wishes, it doesn't make it necessarily correct or appropriate or just. all things considered, it was a photograph with a model, and 9/10 times, most people comment on the artistic/techinical merit of the photo.

What I saw was the expression of an opinion of someone marking their bodies up with ink. I'm not sure I saw any posts "ridiculing" the model. Interesting in that when someone expresses an opinion that is different than your own, they automatically become judgemental and a moron.

Noun: The subjection of someone or something to mockery and derision.
Verb: Subject to mockery and derision.

On the other hand when you start calling someone a "Moron" that certainly falls within the realm of mockery and thus term ridicule would be appropriate.

Might want to take a look in the mirror.

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