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Re: Divide and conquor

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Say you have low end and high end you go to two different phone numbers, contracts, samples, etc?


How to differentiate the product to the customers - I can shoot a wedding quick and dirty with less gear, no off camera flash, minimal editing or break out the primes, flashes, retouching, etc. At some point I think you run a big risk of getting things 'confused' - if not in your mind in that of the consumer.

This is a concern but the low end customers seem to not mind if they end up on the normal blog. The main difference in my packages were creative processing. I did zero for the inexpensive package. They got optimized jpegs only and a zip file download. You can strip things down a lot then offer them extras at a later time. Sometimes they buy and sometimes they don't but at least your making some money.

Lately I've seen a lot of high end photogs turn to Craigslist. One person in particular was selling $2000 to $6000 packages on his website but now I see him offering 3 hours for $400. How does he justify that to his full-priced customers? He is selling from the same portfolio and website.

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