Evaluative Meter = TERRIBLE for 'Focus & Recompose'

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A monkey can walk around taking pictures these days....

I wouldn't call that a problem. Like many suggested. It's matter of learning how the metering works, and learn to compensate for it. Also, M mode is your other good option.

Our camera has already made photography so easy to do even a monkey can take good picture easily, and I hope we are better than them.

Think about it.

We went from Manual to auto focus, and AF not limited to center only
No in camera metering to fool proof in camera metering

unforgiving exposure error films to digital which can easily accomadate exposure errors.
Manul Power Flash to TTL Flash metering
High ISO IQ where we can get by without a tripod easily.

Yes, it can be easier.. but it's starting to make photography less and less fun if you dog can start photogrtaphy too

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