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Re: Some misconceptions

Chris Noble wrote:

Gollywop said:

There is a (somewhat perverted) sense in which this could be said to be true, since higher bit depth means there are more divisions between any two specific colors. However, the term resolution is not really employed in this context since there is nothing being resolved.

Well, as they say, perversion is in the eye of the beholder ;); what is being resolved here is the quantization steps in the transfer function between the input and output spaces. "Bit depth" and "resolution" are used interchangeably in lots of software processing, not just photography. Another term for exactly the same thing is "dynamic range" which is sometimes expressed in eV, dB and, yes, in "ENOB" (equivalent number of bits). It's all digital signal processing, whether the files are photographs, music, radar signals...

You're getting worser and worser. DR has nothing directly to do with the color bit depth. If I process an image with 16-bit color coding and change to 8-bits, keeping the color space the same, I do not lose DR.

ENOB, by the way, means Effective Number of bits.

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