The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

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Re: The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

Why do you think she'll come to regret it? I worked in the tattoo industry for 17 years and out of all the people I know who are tattooed, I dont know any who regret having tattoos. They might regret a particular design for a certain reason, but none wish they werent tattooed. Im not saying it doesnt happen, it does, but I always find it amusing when anti-tattoo people say its destroying your body, and youll regret it later. What would someone who is anti-tattoo and never had one know about it?

Second, all the ink I see on her is done VERY well. NONE of it looks like poor work. Not even close. Everything I can see looks high quality. you may not like the design, but that doesnt mean the execution isnt top notch.

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