The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

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Re: The Girl with all the tattoos (D7000)

DuaneV wrote:

itchhh wrote:

What possess a pretty gal to want to destory her body like this? What a shame.

Funny itchhh, when I read this comment fom you I thought the exact same thing. "Are you serious!? Get over yourself!" Couldnt have said it better had I tried.

At the end of the day your opinion and mine don't add up to hill of beans because she's the one whose going to have to live w/ her descisions. There is a very good chance that she'll come to regret all of that poor ink, stretched out ear lobes, and holes in her cheeks in a few years.

There are good descision and bad descisions.... It is what it is... you'll figure that out eventually.

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