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Re: 2 questions??

kenw wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Is there a way to get the MySetting to stay when you press a function button assigned to it (It switches back when a move my finger off the button)?

Unfortunately no. Myset assigned to a function button only works if the button is held down. If you go into the menu and select a given Myset then it "sticks" of course. I Googled this earlier and apparently this is the way it works with all the Olympus cameras

Can the image review work with the EVF eye sensor? Even it you have you eye at the EVF when you press the green review button it switches to the LCD. Very bad for slightly far-sighted people without glasses.

Not with the eye sensor enabled unfortunately. You can disable the eye sensor (hold down the LV button on the side of the EVF and it will bring up a dialog to disable the eye sensor, do the same if you want to re-enable the eye sensor) and then after hitting the green play button press the LV button on the side of the EVF and you'll have review in the EVF. A little fussy, but it is better than nothing I guess.

I would suggest more buttons could be sticky (if there is a choice in the setup to have it that way), for example the DOF button.



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