Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

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Re: REprobate to foreordain to damnation Nt Got it!

Hi, triple A... Having watched your progress in the last year, I really hope you do step up to a Good quality DSLR.. You certainly have the talent and the eye. I have associates shooting Nikons and Canons ,( I'm shooting Sony A550), and I have seen terrific pictures come from all these cameras..Yes, they are VERY expensive, but the camera body is just the start..Wait until you want to put an "2.8 L" lens on that new Canon 5DmkIII.. "Let me see, I don't smoke or drink, don't chase women too much, I think I could do without a new car for a few more years, I do have some equity in my house, yeah, that lens is looking better all the time!!!"But I'm surprised when I go to Gatorland how many people are shooting 1D Mk4 with 400mm-500mm-600mm lenses sitting on a Gitzo tripod with a Wimberly Gimble head, price between $12,000 and $16,000 and gear weight of 15- 25 pounds...Even the Ladies are carrying some heavy gear..I don't really like the 3lbs I'm carrying, 8lbs with a tripod..I have been considering a camera like yours, because the Sigma 150-500mm lens costs $1100 and weighs 4lbs. The Sony 70-400G is $1800 and weighs as much..But if you do want to get that new one, the Canon Rebel T3i is a pretty darn good camera. The Sony A65, A77, A57 are worth considering Nikon D80 D90 are still good cameras.. It depends where you want to go with your Photography Career...Good luck...Sure would be nice to have DEEP pockets...Jimmymac

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