Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

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Re: Nikon P&S cameras don't deserve that logo.

Sam_Oslo wrote:

Yep you got the point. Why not?

The prise of good DSLR is insane. These P&S are almost as good, and manufacturing costs are almost as cheap too, so I'm wondering why they cost so much more?.

Is there any good DSLR for a good price out there. anyways?

Yep, I'd like the Nikon D800 to cost a penny, and throw in a bunch of long tele at a dime each. But that's unrealistic. And if it was so, that would be the end on camera models with only one model selling for each brand. You have choice with different price cameras that you would not have with all costing the same.

The price of DSLRs reflects the quality of the parts, the durability of the camera, the care in assembly, the range of photography the camera is capable of and so on. There are significant differences in the cost of building a P&S and a DSLR and what they can do.

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