Nikon D600 Rumor - "entry level FF"

Started Apr 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D600 means Nikon is going on the offensive

The D600 would certainly appeal to me since it would be a solid upgrade from my D5100. D5100 and D7000 owners would flock after the D600 in droves. With the launch of the D600 Nikon would essentially be setting a new benchmark for their mid market. So now:

Entry level = D3200
Enthusiast/Advanced Amateur = D600
Semi-Pro/Pro = D800/D800E
Pro Sports/Journalist = D4

Imagine that a cheap FX sensor! Thats pure genius. Nikon is not just raising the MP bar, its making low light photography more accessible to the masses. As it is, my D5100 with its cheap DX lenses allows me to capture some very nice, well detailed shots in low light situations.

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