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Re: Some misconceptions

Chris Noble wrote:

"Bit depth" and "resolution" mean the same thing: how many quantization levels are available.

There is a (somewhat perverted) sense in which this could be said to be true, since higher bit depth means there are more divisions between any two specific colors. However, the term resolution is not really employed in this context since there is nothing being resolved.

"Gamut" and "color space" also mean the same thing: the range of colors that are included in the coding.

You have correctly identified "gamut" above, but not color space. A color space entails a set of numbers on each color in the gamut and can entail a gamma as well. Two different color spaces could, in principle, have the same gamut, so the two terms do not, and cannot, mean the same thing.

You, of course, are free to use whatever terminology you wish for whatever concepts you wish. But you'll encounter communications and logical problems when you try to identify two terms that really refer to different things. That's precisely what's happening here now.

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