Is a tablet a suitable replacement for a Pentium 4 PC?

Started Apr 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
seeblue Senior Member • Posts: 1,560
Re: Thanks for your replies.

There are a lot of threads concerning shooting raw and using tablets over on the Mac Forum.

As far as photography, tablets sound like they are marginally suitable for raw photography or large file size JPEG shooting (I don't do it). It's a job for them at this point (memory and processor limitations). It's just too much to expect.

IMO, they aren't even designed (yet) for that kind of work, although it sounds like some people manage OK to do it anyway. You'll need a strategy to include the right software (storage/organize/process), a Cloud strategy, and multiple media back-up methods.

Running Aperture or Lightroom, raw processing and storage...a few years down the road...when a tablet officially equals a PC/Mac.

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