GH3 sensor discussion; based on MAR 16:9 inner logic

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GH3 sensor discussion; based on MAR 16:9 inner logic

By the way MAR comes from the “Multiple Aspect Ratios” feature several Panasonic cameras already have and which is so appreciated by so many.

So, since there are already rumors about GH3 sensor size, which implies different aspect ratios and its respective resolutions…

… combined with the fact that in this present digital world 16:9 is the basic unit for visual devices , either 1280 x 720 (720), 1920 x 1080 (1080) or coming UHDTV 7680 x 4320.

The discussion that I would like to develop is if that visual ratio should be considered in any present photographic camera as the logic base, because even though all present cameras will be obsolete by 2020, earlier even, the images will still there (your baby, your trips, your family moments, etc.).

A first question to those more technical members

Due to 4 pixels present digital cameras’ arrays, wouldn’t it be the output in a let’s say 720 screen, much better if the 16.9 ratio native image would be an exact 720x4 native sensor, considering the eventual interpolations used to convert any present native digital camera image to the image we finally see in modern 720 16:9 monitors?

And now, let’s take GH2 present resolutions as an example as a base to work on.

Present 16:9 native sensor is 4976x2800 13.9 Mp, and the first comment is that a perfect 16:9 resolution should be 4976 x 2799 , and I’m going to talk about this perfect resolutions even though the final ones could need some more pixels for utility purposes.

Well this GH2’s 4976x2799 is not perfectly divisible by 4. The “perfect visual” one should be a 5120x2880 14.7MP (14,745,600 to be exact).

And consequently, its 4:3 ratio , keeping the “Multiple Aspect Ratios” logic should be a 4736x3552 16.8MP (and I adjusted that number to be perfectly divisible by 4 again related to present 4 pixels arrays and interpolation process). Which is the nominal (marketing) number I recomend for a coming "visual logic resolution and ratios" camera, as GH3, since the total usable pixels should be higher as in GH2, which is declared a 16.1 Mp camera but with 18.3 Mp sensor photo detectors .

One other very important reason to take the 16:9 standard visual ratio into account is that we are talking about hybrids cameras (photographs AND videos). And for videos purposes that ratio is evidently important and mandatory.

The benefit of working with perfectly divisible by 4 native images, also applies to the each time more often used and offered Extra Tele conversion features (sensor crops), as in GH2 where it is 2x for stills and 4.8 for videos.

And this option does not harm any of just 4:3 or 3:2 users, but giving them also a little more pixels for their images, and not increasing the sensor that much as to deteriorate IQ. At least, it shouldn’t be the case after almost 2 years of technology development.


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