Is a tablet a suitable replacement for a Pentium 4 PC?

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Re: Thanks for your replies.

Actually, there isn't any requirement (any longer) to connect an iDevice to a PC/Mac; at all. Of course this will depend on how one uses their iPad. in the OP's case, he wouldn't need to connect to a PC/Mac. For example, I've never connected my iPhone 4S to a PC/Mac.

As noted earlier, you'll need an Airprint printer for printing from an iDevice:

Or, share your files over Dropbox with your PC (for example) and print from there.

An iPad connects in seconds to a Bluetooth keyboard for faster typing and the Dictation feature is also available. Using Pages, Keynote and Numbers ($10 ea.) and you've got medium duty desktop capability and compatibility with Windows docs.

As far as connectivity (mirroring), Mac users can "stream" all their iPad stuff like music, photos and video to a stereo or TV using Airplay, wirelessly. I use Dropbox and iCloud for file storage and sync.

Just clarifying a few points.

For what you want to do, an iPad WILL do all you do on your PC, but with better battery-life(!), portability, easier use, and more fun. You only may need to perform some processes a little bit differently. I haven't used any other tablets, so I can't comment on them.

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