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Re: International Pricing - Adobe Creative Cloud

Do you, or anyone else, know what happens if one subscribes for one year and then not renew it again, does one keep the software that one used during this time period?

Thus, ssubscribe to cloud for 12 months, download 'all' or many of the software and keep using it after 12 months.


BelePhotography wrote:

First let me say that I generally like the new cloud offer that Adobe is putting together. For many it'll be a cost effective approach that's easy to put into your yearly budget as a photographer/graphical artist. Very predictable and as a plus it gives you access to things you'd probably need less frequent but would be nice to have. I would have like to see a few versions, which would have offered me the possibility to opt out of services I really don't need - but the all you can eat offer is very good.

What I don't like is that I'm being punished for living on the wrong side of the Atlantic ocean. Wondering what I'm talking about - compare these prices for the same offer:
US Price: $49.90 (CHF 44, EUR 35)
Swiss Price: CHF 70 (incl. taxes $77US)
Euro Price (Germany): 59 EUR (excl. taxes - $77 US)

Dear Adobe, I understand you need to feed your employees in the subsidaries as well. However, the difference here is just silly (35%) and cannot be justified by that argument alone! As all languages are available in all geographies with this offer, that's not an argument either.

Cloud services are global - be a global player here and stop thinking local prices. I understand you can't change taxation in different regions, but you can set a common pre-tax price if you want to. I partly accepted these big price differences for boxed software, understanding that there were logistics and localization issues. For cloud services I don't see why I should pay so much more than my friends accross the ocean.


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