Please critique - engagement photos (I am New to this forum)

Started Apr 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
JimP101 Forum Member • Posts: 98
Re: Please critique - engagement photos (I am New to this forum)

I think some of the critiques are a bit harsh - because at least you have tried to be a bit creative - which is the hardest thing to learn in photography. The technical stuff just needs a bit of practise till it becomes second nature. Most of the comments are valid though. Perhaps you could have a bit more interaction with your subjects because they look as if they are afraid to look you in the eye, and good eye contact can really communicate with the viewers, who might be their mums and dads.

Perhaps try to get out with an experienced photographer for a few shoots and get some tips. Also just shoot as much as you can with other people for practise. Just remember that all the techniques and all the great ideas count for nothing in people photography if they do not feel relaxed with you as the photographer.


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