Official Sony nex 5/5N hotshoe

Started Apr 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
richg101 Regular Member • Posts: 226
Re: Official Sony nex 5/5N hotshoe

GodSpeaks wrote:

A tad overpriced for what it is. Wait for the copycats to start appearing.

Seeing as you know so much about what things should cost, please enlighten us all with your rundown of the processes required to get this thing into production?

Will you care to highlight the costs of soft tooling of the body? the electronic r+d required? the value added tax? the overheads?

I highly doubt this was made anywhere other than china. this is likely to be a rock bottom price.

why not support the original maker? or shell out for a pro camera if you cant bring yourself to pay reasonable prices for non mass produced items such as these.

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