E-PL2 - small versus large focus box?

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Re: can this setting be saved even when the cam is out?

glanzrabe wrote:

Like with the Panasonic G-models...

Or is this only for 1 shot?

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Yes and no(!). Olympuses view it as one of the alternative display modes, like having the histogram on or not, so it's not as permanent as on a Panasonic. On the other hand, it doesn't just clear away after one shot - it stays unless you clear it for another display mode, or you need to access the Super Control Panel or Live Control (i.e. pressing OK once clears this to the normal display, and the second OK takes you to the SCP etc. - which would normally happen on the first press of OK in other display modes). It also clears if you change exposure mode, and it does not survive turning the camera off and on.

The exception is the E-PM1. Though exact operation varies according to how it's set up, the way I have my example set is that the small AF target is accessed by cycling to it using repeated presses of the INFO button (each press selecting a different display mode, amongst for example this mode, the normal full info mode, the no-info mode and the histogram mode). When it's selected this way, it does survive the camera being turned off and on. The downside is that INFO cycling is required to get rid of it and get at the SCP etc. If I remember correctly, if you choose to configure the E-PM1 differently, with the movie record button set to be the magnify function, it's then similar to the other models - a little easier to get at, but a bit more temporary.

Either way is quite quick and easy once you're used to it, but it would be nice if Olympus just put a function in where you could just select the size of AF target you wanted and it would stay put regardless of what other display modes you selected. However, it's still better than the NEX cameras and the Nikon 1 cameras, where it is nigh-on impossible and impossible to significantly shrink the AF target at all, respectively.

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