Purchasing FX, please help

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Purchasing FX, please help

Hello everyone,

I am currently struggling on which camera to upgrade to and was hoping to acquire some input from the owners of these cameras.

I currently have a D300/D90 combo and plan to sell the 90 to help fund the new camera, retaining the 300 as a back-up and still having DX option. I shoot primarily action sports but also frequent nature and macro work as well as dabbling in just about anything. Speed is important to me and I am primarily after better ISO performance as well as the other features these cameras offer. My considerations thus far have been D3/3s/4, the 800 doesn't interest me and while I've considered the 700 I feel the D3/4 series fits the bill better with racing photography. Cost is a major deciding factor, however, I am also willing to pay for a better product if necessary. Buying used is not an issue to me.

Obviously all of these cameras are fantastic and a D4 is very tempting (especially with the better AF performance since I shoot a lot of action and many times in low light) but I'm wondering if it's worth the premium. Then I look at the D3s to save a little money and have, essentially, the same camera minus some additional comforts, I would probably be fine with that. But another kicker to consider is that I do not own an FX capable wide-mid range zoom, so a 24-70 would be on the horizon as well. This brings me to a D3 since I could buy both a D3 and 24-70 for about the cost of D3s.

My question is will I be satisfied with settling for a D3 for now? Obviously I'm the only one that can answer this but I'm looking for help from owners of these cameras. I'm trying to talk myself into saving some dough but I WANT the bada$$ D4, but I probably don't NEED it.

Coming from DX, have people found the D3 to be a formidable step into the world of FX? My desires say no, go for the big guns; but my wallet says yes, do the smart thing and just step up with the D3 for now and save up/earn some money and go from there. I want better AF, cleaner high ISO's, extra frame rate is always nice, and all of the other features these cameras offer...will the D3 satisfy these requirements enough coming from a D300? Or should I throw down the coin and hit up a D3s or a D4? Common sense is telling me buy a D3 and don't look back, it has to be big leap forward from a D300; but since the other options are out there for better cameras should I just do it now? I don't know, I need some outsiders opinions...

Thank you for your time, all help is appreciated, thank you.
Andy Kawa

Nikon D3 Nikon D300 Nikon D3S Nikon D4
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