5D MK3 with Eye-Fi card

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Re: 5D MK3 with Eye-Fi card

Hi John....

I'm up and running with this combo.... it works, though it is substantially slower in Ad Hoc "direct" mode, than the wft E4II on the mark II... Almost slow enough to make it unworkable for me (which is for iPad size preview-not handing it to client while I shoot)... As a result, the iPad is always within a few feet of the card/camera, so I don't know about effective range. It can take 8-20 seconds to get the shot to iPad (small jpeg), and its inconsistent, for reasons I cannot guess. It will also lose the the eyeFi card signal pretty often, for no reason I can nail down... and I need to go back to wifi settings on the iPad, and reselect it. The Wft in Ad Hoc will do the same thing though.... and require a toggle back and forth between airport mode and back to wifi, to get it back up and running. On the eyeFi, between the length of time to preview, and the bugginess, it will interrupt the flow of a model shoot enough that I'd abandon it. I was shooting a friend on Wednesday, so much more relaxed and forgiving as I fumbled around to get the shots through. I have been using the eyeFi app, and am using a direct mode connection only (no LAN). I should try the LAN, because it might be better on not dropping connections. I should also go check the eyefi website for their troubleshooting tips. If and when I do, I'll repost.

I agree that if this could be bug free, and faster, it is an $800 feature that doesn't bulk up the nice form factor of the 5dmkIII. Hoping we get there sooner rather than later.

I have not tried Shuttersnitch instead of the eyeFi app, though I'd think the network issues and speed would be identical....???


studiomk wrote:

Just wanted to hear how anyone using an Eye-Fi SD card with their 5D MKIII is getting on? I run the Eye-Fi through CF adapters on 40D, 5D and 5D MKII, (also Nikon D3100) but would much prefer dual cards and faster WiFi!
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