First hands on from on the NX20

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Re: First hands on from on the NX20

When trying to sell NX20 with a mediocre kit lens at the announced price it is utterly ridiculous. Personally, I like Samsung cameras but only have purchased them when heft discounts have been available. There is no doubt, and you can quote me on this, Samsung will reduce the price of the NX20 pretty quickly. The audience it is marketing to already knows the discounting history. Secondly, Nikon just rolled out a model that may be better, with 24mp and its own mediocre kit lens, for $700. Sony has the a57 and a65...both less!

I won't part with my Samsung cameras due to price slashing, however, I may be buying the NX20. Now that I have the 30mm lens I will unload the kit lens(like I just did for $160) and use it. That already reduces my upgrade cost.

My advice; don't buy NX20 until it is lower priced, wait and be rewarded.

Greynerd wrote:

You are really talking down the system here. I hope they do not slash the price big time too quick as I will assume that is the end of NX and dump my stuff quick.

It is though difficult to know at what price they are making a profit. Who knows, it may only cost them $150 to make the camera. It is interesting how you can buy a DVD player for £25 now considering how much they used to cost! The EVF quality not being market leading and the lack of any radical change to the design could be an indication that the price can be cut. Possibly it is just an NX11 with a swivel screen, better sensor and WIFI but none the worst for that.

tecnoworld wrote:

price is the major concern, so I hope Samsung soon realizes that has to slash it big time!

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