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neonlike wrote:

There's the $1,198 option with both body and 14-140mm HD Hybrid Lens. Or there's the $849 option with both body and 14-42mm HD Hybrid Lens. Which would be better for HD video? Or which would be more useful? I do intend on using this camera A LOT.

Also this deal just sells the body and lens. Is it also worth purchasing the recommended memory card and battery? Or do I just pick them up at the store? In terms of connecting it to my mac (OS X Lion) what cable can I use? Is it going to be difficult to convert the AVCHD footage? I intend on editing with FCP.

Have I missed anything? Body, lens, memory card, battery, cable... bag. Is there anything that I'm overlooking?

Thanks for reading!

As others noted, price of the GH2 has dropped quite a bit. I found GH2 with 14-140 sold for a bit less than the price quoted with 14-42 above here in Canada.

The 14-140 has a more useful range than the 14-42 for video, but it does not zoom as smooth as I like. The newer 'X' lenses have zoom buttons that permit the lenses to zoom smoothly, but Panasonic does not make one in a useful range for video.

Card: I use Sandisk Extreme UHS-1 and Lexar Pro. Somebody found out that GH2 performs similarly with 45MB/s and 95MB/s cards, so you do not need the faster Sandisk Extreme Pro, if you do not plan to hack the camera and use it only at AVCHD 24 Mbps data rate.

Battery: Buy at least one spare if you plan to do a lot of video. I found that one would not last one day. From what I read Panasonic original (expensive) battery works with the camera power level indicator, while third party does not. Indicator is useful if video is important. You don't want the camera to shutdown in the middle of a capture.

Bag: Still looking around. I use an old cheapish one that was used with my C-5050 from 9 years ago, a bit too long with 14-140 and not quite wide enough with the tripod quick release.

Other things: Card reader, for convenience. Small laptop with external hard drive(s): for data storage and backups while on the road for more than 1 day.

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